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Aedifice Capital Property Fund

A new opportunity for wholesale investors to support the development of Aedifice Property Group's projects for high risk-adjusted returns.

Aedifice Capital is calling for wholesale investors to support a fund that will see the development of multiple new affordable housing precincts with over 1,000 new homes through its residential property development arm, Aedifice Property Group.

Investment in the fund is open only to eligible wholesale investors, with a minimum investment of $750,000.

An investment fund set to unlock quality affordable housing for Kiwis

Our approach is grounded in combining exceptional business acumen with a curiosity for seizing opportunities.

We are confident that investors who join us on our journey will see the difference we can all make to the housing needs of New Zealanders.

Active in the local real estate market since 2012, Aedifice Property Group is anchored by a core goal of providing high-quality affordable housing solutions for Kiwis. Beyond their commitment to quality construction lies a passion for innovative urban design and creating environments that connect residents to their local area, and each other, to give longevity as the community flourishes and evolves.

Targeting areas with existing infrastructure that have future growth plans in place to support population growth has also been an intentional move, focusing on zones close to transport hubs and motorways to meet the commuting needs of the Auckland population as the city continues to sprawl.

Having already delivered 14 developments with 800 lots over the past decade, along with three currently in development and a five-year project pipeline in place, the advantage of a streamlined connection between the fund and the projects, with the added guidance of an independent investment committee, gives investors reassurance that they can invest wisely in a team that has an enviable reputation for delivering projects that resonate with the local market.

Completed projects value1

$485 million

Current projects value

$1.259 billion

Under development

1,377 homes

Projects on the market

85% sold of 308 units

Area under development

Over 40 hectares

Lime Burners Bay

What sets Aedifice Capital's Property Fund apart?


Our rigorous and well-oiled processes ensure that we can execute our plans to a very high standard while removing guesswork or lack of synchronicity between the fund and the projects it supports.


Our investment committee of internationally-respected business experts provides us with the guidance, wisdom and global perspective to keep our investments on track while identifying and navigating any risks.


The excellent reputation, integrity and expertise that the property team brings to the mix results in a transparent and rewarding experience for our investors.

Investment in the Aedifice Capital Property Fund is open only to eligible wholesale investors, with a minimum investment of $750,000.

Information current as at 09 Sep 2022.
1. These projects were developed and managed by the founder team of Aedifice Property Group.
2. Includes projects and managed by the founder team of Aedifice Property Group.

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For more information and a copy of the Confidential Information Memorandum for the Aedifice Capital's Property Fund, please complete the form and we will be back in touch.

Any investment in the Aedifice Capital Fund Limited Partnership is only open to eligible wholesale investors with a minimum investment of $750,000. A wholesale investor is a person who meets one of the criteria set out in clauses 3(2) and 3(3)(b) of Schedule 1 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act.


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